Be You!

You have the potential for greatness. But just because you have the potential for greatness, doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be great. It only means that you have the potential and the tools to make that greatness a reality. The choice is ultimately up to you though. You can either choose to be defeated by your life situations or you can choose to use those experiences to help you grow. You can choose to wallow in self pity about what has happened to you  or you can choose to help others by teaching them what you’ve learned through your own experiences.

That doesn’t mean that you have to become some sort of spiritual guru; you can teach and inspire others solely with your presence, solely by shining the light that is your true nature, solely by radiating peace and love. Forgive others so that may in turn, forgive. Accept others so that they may likewise be accepting. Be compassionate towards others so that they themselves may know compassion. Be you! Realize your potential and reach it! Break every chain and push through every barrier that tries to  keep you from reaching your destination. After all, the only limitation is your imagination!


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