Problem or perception?

Yes, at times you may find yourself in challenging situations. Yes, there may be painful experiences that happen which are seemingly beyond your control. But such is the nature of life. You can’t control other people and you most certainly can’t control every situation. The only thing that you can control is how you react to those people and situations. Besides, if life was always going your way how would you ever learn anything? How would you ever grow? Its only through those painful experiences that you’re able to discern what it is that you want and do not want out of life.

Life is full of challenges, but the beauty lies in overcoming them! So instead of seeing every challenge as a problem, start seeing every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Allow your challenges to build perseverance and character withing yourself instead of allowing them to consume you. After all, life is neutral and you’re the one whose going around assigning labels of good and bad to everything.

*Have you ever had a problem that turned out to be an amazing catalyst for your personal growth? A problem that in hindsight, ended up being just what you needed although you couldn’t see it at the time? If so, then i’d like for you to write in all caps down below, that YOU ARE AN OVER COMER!


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