10 things I’d do right now if I didn’t have an ego

mask-1306181_1280Let’s be real, the ego, or that nagging little voice that we all have inside of our heads, is the only thing that stands between any of us living the life that we truly want to live. Think about it for a second. We all have hopes. We all have dreams and desires. But what is it that keeps us from realizing those dreams and desires? Is it really that we don’t have the time or the money to make them come true? Is it really that those dreams are too impossible to reach? Or, is it what we tell ourselves in our minds about our wants and dreams, that truly makes all the difference? Is it really just the human ego that stops us from realizing our true potential?

From what I’ve gathered about life, I’d have to say absolutely! In fact, I know from personal experiences that the ego is the only thing that can keep any of us in bondage. What exactly is the ego though anyway? The ego, put simply, is the steady stream of thoughts that come and go inside of our minds. It’s the part of our minds that operate on autopilot, responding to the present moment based off of experiences and beliefs that we’ve picked up from our past. The ego is the conditioned mind. The unconscious mind. That inaudible voice in your head that says no! You cant do that! Its too scary! What if this happens!? What if that happens!?

Let me ask you a question. Could you do something, right now, that scared you, without first worrying about what could or could not happen if you did that thing? Or would a worrying or fearful thought immediately pop up into your head, causing you to doubt yourself? If you wanted to walk around dressed up as pikachu, because it made you totally happy, would you? Or, would you be too afraid of what people might think of you? If you wanted to quit your job and start traveling around the world, would you? Or, would you be too afraid that you’d fail? That you wouldn’t have enough money to make it work. Well, if you’re anything like most people, you’d be scared shitless to do any of those things. You’d most likely let your ego talk you out of such nonsense and then you’d come back to your senses.

The problem is, the ego isn’t all that sensible. I mean seriously…if we 100% create our own reality, which we do, then what do we really have to be afraid of, anyway? The ego is ultimately just another illusion! We tell ourselves we can’t. We tell ourselves that it’s too scary. We tell ourselves to behave according to societies standards, even if it isn’t who we are, just for the sake of not being labeled as weird or abnormal. But the thing is, since we create our own reality, we can do anything! And I do mean, ANYTHING! The only thing holding us back, is the belief that we can’t, and those beliefs come straight from non other than the human ego.

If I didn’t have an ego, life would be freaking amazing! Imagine living your life without any psychological fear. Imagine living totally in the present moment, never stuck clinging to the past or worrying about the future. Imagine being so secure and confident within yourself that you couldn’t give two shits about what other people think about you. Imagine not letting anyone or anything hold you back from being the real you. In my perspective, that’s pretty much how life would be if we had no egos. More specifically, if I could let go of my ego just for a day, I’d do so many things that I’ve wanted , but have always been afraid to do. Like…

I’d pack up all of my belongings, head to Colorado, and never look back.

I’m not sure if you know this, but, Colorado is like my dream state right now! I love the atmosphere, the scenery, and pretty much everything about it. The only thing keeping me from making the move, is my ego. And of course the fact that I wouldn’t have a job lined up, a place to stay, or really much of anything else for that matter. Argh! At-least I’d be in Colorado though! Besides, all of those thoughts of lack stem from the ego anyway. I’m sure if I made the move with full trust and faith that everything would be okay, it would. Working on it!

I’d get naked in public.

Seriously…Without an ego, what’s there to be ashamed and embarrassed about? lol

I’d stop procrastinating and create the podcast I’ve always dreamed of.

It’s funny. With each recording that I do, no matter how great it sounds at first, my ego always tries to convince me thats its just not good enough. I end up recording, deleting, and recording again, never putting anything out. It sucks. Without  my ego, I’m sure I’d be a lean mean podcasting machine by now!

I’d openly tap into my super natural abilities.

Yup, I’d flaunt the innate supernatural abilities that we all as human beings (secretly) possess like telekinesis, clairvoyance, teleportation, etc, just because I think its freak-en awesome to be able to move stuff with your mind and see into other dimensions. I mean seriously!

I’d go kayaking without having to worry about looking like a beached whale in a small boat.

Because screw your opinions people! Yea I’m fat and I’m kayaking! So, what?

I’d say “I love you” to a stranger.

Because its true.

I’d go to a club with some jamming house music, and I’d freestyle dance the night way.

I seriously day dream about this one all the time! Almost everyday I take some time out for myself, put on some headphones, and just dance alone in my apartment, letting my body move to the beat whichever way that it pleases. Its kind of like an active meditation for me. Its very releasing! I’m kind of jealous of people who can dance uninhibited in front of other people. That’s like the holy grail for me. It seems so freeing! I’ll get there!

I’d sit in a pitch black room with all of the doors open.

I’ve never really been afraid of the dark, but there’s something about being in a pitch black room with the closest and or the entry door open that scares the living shit out of my ego. I guess being able to see outside of the room, makes my mind wonder if there’s someone actually out there. Is that something staring at me from inside of the closet? Is it waiting to jump out from the darkness and attack me? Nope…its just my scary little ego.

I’d recite the collective society over a megaphone in times square.

Or better yet, the public broadcasting channel for the whole world to hear!

I’d host a world party.

Self explanatory.

I’d role-play my ass off in real life. 

I love the fantasy genre. Anything with orcs, elfs, trolls, fairies, magic, etc. and I’m like a giddy little kid. If I didn’t have an ego, I’d play out this magical world in real life. I’d dress and act the part with other people who wanted to do the same. Because it sounds freak-en awesome! And I wouldn’t think twice about being labeled as a weirdo.

So, those are just ten of the things that I’d do if I didn’t have an ego. I’m working on it! In fact, over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to try and get out of my ego and face some of these fears. Overall, without the limits of the ego, I think life would be so much more fulfilling. Our actions would come from the heart instead of from the mind, We’d essentially be living through our souls, and that’s all that really matters when it comes to living a a happy and liberated life. What would you do right now if you didn’t have an ego? What would life be like for you without your ego running the show and making you do whatever it wants all the time?


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