The list above includes everything that I’ve filled up my backpack with so far. Of course there’s also food and water to add to the list, haha, but that’s not going into the pack just yet. I’m planning a test run this week at a local campground so that I can get more familiar with all of my gear out in a semi wild setting. I’m easing myself into it! This should be both fun and INTERESTING! 

I’ll admit it. I’m a tad nervous of the unknown because I mean, ANYTHING can happen out there while I’m out adventuring solo, but I’m still extremely excited to get started on this backpacking journey. Quite frankly, ANYTHING can happen ANYWHERE and life is just way too short to spend it being limited by fear. So, I’m going to honor, appreciate, and rejoice in this beautiful thing called life that I was given. I’m going to feel the fear and I’m going to do it anyway. Like a wise person once said (I forgot who lol) “we only get this one chance in life to be this unique version of ourselves”, and so I’d like to spend it doing whatever sets my soul on fire. Traversing through the open desert and waking up to beautiful picturesque scenery just about everyday, is just one of those things that gets me going!

What sets your soul on fire? Are you living that dream? If not, what’s holding you back?!


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