Healing with energy is simple, powerful, and amazing. At the start of winter I began having some problems with my bladder. Camping was pretty much a nightmare because I had to get up upwards of 3-4 times in the night to go pee. It wasn’t just a regular urge to “go” either. The urge would come on very fast and it was very strong. So strong that it was really uncomfortable to hold it in, and honestly I had a few close calls where I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. For a second there, I was beginning to feel like I was an 80 year old grandmother. It sucked… Frequent high volumes of urination (especially urine thats clear like how mine was) is a sign of a possible kidney deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine. So, at the start of the new year I began incorporating a daily kidney/bladder Qigong flow to target those organs and hopefully resolve the very annoying issues that I was having. Well, I’m nearly three weeks into the new year and after doing that one video everyday for three weeks, I’m pleased to say that all of those issues have now been resolved!

Now, when I have the urge to “go” it’s a normal urge. The urge isn’t intense and it doesn’t come on quickly like how it use to. I also don’t get up a million times in the night to use the bathroom anymore. These days I get up maybe once in the night and sometimes not at all. It truly is amazing! And it was all done simply by doing one video everyday for three weeks. No doctors. No meds. No invasive procedures. Just all natural healing that I did myself by shifting my own energy and healing my own organs through the tremendous healing power of Qigong. Qigong in Chinese literally translates to life force energy cultivation. The slow repetitive movements involved in Qigong are targeted to help tonify, circulate, and harmonize a person’s Qi (pronounced chi) or life force energy. I’ve added a link below to one of the many free videos that my Qigong teacher Marissa has on her YouTube channel. It’s not exactly the one that I used to heal my bladder issues (those require a paid subscription to her on demand video library) but it does have some of the same moves that can be found in the paid version.

I’d highly recommend getting a paid subscription if you can, but in the meantime she has plenty of free videos on her YouTube channel that can help get you started with using Qigong to heal your life.